Professor Ladé Wosornu; A brilliant surgeon and mentor of many in the medical profession, a celebrated poet and medical luminary.

Professor Ladé Wosornu is an old-boy of PRESEC and St. Augustine’s College, and a graduate of Glasgow University. He is a Poet, Essayist, a philanthropist, and a professor in surgery (retired). His current professional focus is research-driven approach to quality in education, health and wellness.

Professor Ladé Wosornu

Professor Ladé Wosornu

He is a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the Ghana Association of Writers. Ladé Wosornu is a founding Fellow of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons; Member, Ghana Medical Association and the West African College of Surgeons. He has Fellowships in the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and of England. Formerly, he was a member of Surgical Research Society of Great Britain and Ireland, the Association of Surgeons of East Africa, International Society of Surgery and the Surgical Infection Society (Europe).

Professor Wosornu lived and worked in five countries, and, travelled to 35 others. His current professional interests are in research-driven approaches to quality performance in education and other professional fields. His quieter moments are ruled by Transcendental Meditation and comparative religion

Achievements and Contribution In The Arts and Sciences

We quote from his sponsors to the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

“Professor Lade Wosornu is a brilliant surgeon and mentor of many in the medical profession. Indeed, he is sometimes called a teacher of teachers.

“During his days in Glasgow University, he left indelible footprints of remarkable scholastic achievement. He collected nearly all the prestigious prizes and awards in Medicine. The most special one was the coveted gold medal- the Brunton Memorial Prize for the best graduate of the year. In so doing, he made history. He was the first African to win that Prize. Later, he also won the Commonwealth Award for promising young professionals.”

“His specialty training was as a chest surgeon, received in the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London. His research was in the field of innovation in surgery. His specific task was to create an artificial lining inside the chest. His thesis received commendation from Glasgow University. More importantly, his findings contributed significantly to the conclusion of the debate on lung transplantation versus artificial lungs. This is a major contribution in the field of innovation in surgery.

He is a Poet, Essayist, a philanthropist, and a professor in surgery (retired)

“Professor Wosornu has pursued a distinguished professional and academic career in surgery in three countries: Ghana, Zambia and Saudi Arabia. He was Professor and Head of Surgery Department, University of Zambia; and, Professor and Consultant in Surgery, King Faisal University, Dammam.

“During the Second Gulf War he chose to stay at his post. He played a key role in the development and implementation of triage for Mass Casualties. He was appointed Director of Quality Management, University of Dammam.

“His expertise in this field was recognized by the WHO invited him to assist the Republic of Sierra Leone develop their strategic plan for national postgraduate medical education.  In 2014, he provided a Consultancy Report on quality management to the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Volta Region.

“Professor Wosornu is the author of medical books singly and in collaboration with others. His over 90 scholarly publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals reflect his extensive contribution to surgical research and practice.

“Professor Wosornu is a patriot. Against formidable opposition, he, along with one friend, fiercely advocated an independent Ghana National Postgraduate Medical College, [now called the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons]. Both received awards for this outstanding contribution to the College. He retains a deep interest in the verification of the quality of the training provided by the College. Along with two others, he recently developed the framework for quality, monitoring and evaluation of the professional performance in the College.

As a Poet, Ladé Wosornu has published three collections.

As a Poet, Ladé Wosornu has published three collections. They are: Eté: A Woman of Africa; Journey Without End; and Celestial Bride. He won the VALCO literary award, a national recognition for achievement in poetry. He also received national recognition for literary achievement in non-fiction prose for his book entitled: “Health Education for Everyman”. Recently he received an Award as An International Inspirational Poet. Lade Wosornu’s other books are Welcome to Wellness; and In Search of the God in Every Child.

Perhaps three of his most popular poem are The Master Brewer, Desert Rivers and Make Me Know. For over eight years without break, he has been a columnist in The Ghanaian Times, writing on health and wellness issues. Being an effective communicator, he uses simple language.

Formerly a member of the National Council for Higher Education

Formerly a member of the National Council for Higher Education, Professor Wosornu is now a member or chairman in relation to five Boards of Directors:  ALUWORKS Co, Agave Rural Bank, he Wosornu Foundation and the Council, Charis College of Health Sciences. Most recently he was elected as the Chairman, Board of Governors, DASTECH.

Prof. Ladé Wosornu has distinguished himself in his professional life as scientist, surgeon and medical educator. He has been recognized for his overall contribution to all three fields.  He is also a philanthropist, columnist and Poet.